06 April 2009

Accreditation? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Accreditation.

Running an "unaccredited grassroots web site" is now, apparently, cause for a search warrant and getting your place raided. Really:
Phoenix Assistant Chief Andy Anderson said the harassment case is unique because of the connection to an unaccredited grassroots Web site.
Here is the "unaccredited grassroots web site", just so you can see why the Phoenix police dug up an excuse to raid his home.

I thought this kind of thing only happened in Bushitler's Stormtrooper America, not in the sunny paradise of Hopenchange.

Oh, and for the record, here is all the damn accreditation I'll ever need. Got a problem with that??

Hattip: Knoxnews via Instapundit.

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