13 April 2009

This Ain't No Party. This Ain't No Disco. This Ain't No Foolin' Around.

A very blessed Easter weekend was had at Villa RSR, where your humble blogger ignored the world and focused his time on family, faith, and frivolity. I should do that more often.

Now, onto the issue of the week: If you are not planning to go to a 'Tea Party' this Wednesday (yes, 15 April...) you should. (Go here to see if there is one near you.)

In Louisiana, there are at least 16 'Tea Parties' planned. (Your humble blogger and family plan to be at the one in Baton Rouge.)

Why is it important for you to take time off work and show up at a protest? Well, dear readers, someone needs to remind the zealous Left - the big-government elites, the Mainstream Media, and the government-funded lobbying groups they champion - and the hapless Right - the me, too, big-government Republicans and their well-heeled lobbyists - that the future of this country isn't exclusively theirs to determine. You have a say in this. This is your country, too - and your future and your children's future. The Left, who campaigned in 2008 as fiscal moderates, believe they have a mandate to impose their agenda: endless hyper-deficits to redistribute wealth, nationalize large portions of the economy, and limit your lifestyle choices and your rights. (For your own good, of course...) And they're banking that you won't oppose them, other than coffee-break grumblings or calls to radio talk shows, because you are too busy to care about showing up. I mean, you never have before.

So Wednesday you have the chance to show the zealous Left and the hapless Right that they are wrong. Show up and show them that you do care. You care enough to take time off from your busy day to tell them their future is not the future you want, or the future many of you voted for - for you, your children, or your grandchildren. That enough is enough.

We don't want another TARP, or a Newer Deal, or another Contract. What we want it simple: we want government off our backs. We want government to quit treating us like their children, quit treating our wallet as their wallet, and quit assuming that only the only solution to a problem is a government solution and more money. We want government to live within their means just as we do, and to limit themselves to doing nothing more than what we told them to do in the first place.

Is standing up for that "radical", or "extremist"? I don't think so. And neither do most of you. So stand up, dear readers, and show up on Wednesday.

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