15 April 2009

Like Republicans Aren't Angry Enough...

...A Louisiana Democrat gives them something else to get riled up about:
There's nothing like a debate over assault weapons to get the Louisiana Legislature fired up.

In recent years, it’s become an annual battle between rural lawmakers who treat the "right to bear arms" as sacred and many New Orleans area lawmakers who say the high-powered guns are responsible for too much bloodshed.

"People have to understand that these weapons give you the ability to kill a bunch of people in a short period of time," said state Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans
Silliness like this has almost no chance of getting passed in Louisiana, much receiving Jindal's signature. But just in case, let your legislator know you are opposed to this do-nothing infringement on your rights. Heck, let Rep. Richmond know, as well. Remember to be polite, people.

If Cedric Richmond sounds familiar to my Louisiana readers, here's why.

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