26 April 2009

Sunday Required Theology Reading.

A rousing defense of Christian orthodoxy, and why the Jesus-as-Marx or Jesus-as-Falwell political approaches to theology fall very short:
But Christ did not incarnate to create a more “socially just” world; note that when others identified Christ as an earthly king and associated Him with “social justice,” they were rebuked. Christ came to save souls, and the salvation of souls is the church’s sole mission. Everything else is cursory.
Hattip: Maggie's Farm , via a tip from The Grey Man .


Undergroundpewster said...

I agree, but I would change the last word from "cursory" to something else. How about "secondary?" Or maybe change the last sentence to "Everything else flows from this."

Anonymous said...

who is the author of this quote?
And in what context was it said?