15 April 2009

Money Talks. Service Walks.

I hope this report is the result of some awful mixup in communication:

Bobby Jindal's inner circle needs to answer a very serious question -- where the hell are your brains? His staff declined an invitation to attend a Blue Star Mothers luncheon, despite a promise to the contrary last year from the Wunderkind himself.

In case you're unfamiliar with Blue Star Mothers -- it's a group comprised of mothers with children serving our country in the military.
Read it all. If this is true, I sure hope those who made this decision are looking for work right about now, though I know that that's a remote possibility. Perhaps the Blue Star Mothers should have said it was a fundraiser - we know Jindal and his cronies will go almost anywhere for a check.

UPDATE: Seems Jindal changed his mind, and will be attending after all. Charlie Buras is giving Jindal the benefit of the doubt here, ascribing this slight to the high standard of decision making so typical of Jindal's inner circle. But who picked that inner circle? And who keeps them there? The buck's gotta stop somewhere...

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