15 April 2009

Baton Rouge Tea Party.

People. We has 'em.

(Images by Red Stick Rant)

On the steps of the State Capitol. The unofficial tally was about 3,000, though I'd say 4,000 - 5,000. Interesting to note that former governor Buddy Romer was there. But Bobby Jindal was nowhere to be seen, (nor was anyone from his administration. I mean, all they had to do was take the elevator down four floors...) UPDATE: I'm told that Alan Levine, DHH Secretary, and several other cabinet members did show up. Good for them.

UPDATE: They say success has a thousand authors. By that measure The Tea Parties must be a success - even Ron Paul (L - His Own Private Idaho), the man who dominated almost 0.000036% of the vote in 2008, is now claiming credit for them. I'd call it pathetic if it weren't so funny.


Patriotic Progeny said...

I wish. Stinking day job.

Greta Perry said...

Dang - we didn't meet up:(

.....CLIFFORD said...


Tried to find you. Jeff said you were "over there", but when I got "over there" you weren't there. :-(