27 April 2009

Jindal Stops By "The Only Job He Wants"... And Finds A Pair.

I've been pretty hard recently on our Governor, Bobby Jindal, mostly because he has seemed more interested in national ambitions than in the interests of the State.

But his speech at the opening of the legislative session earlier today appeared to be the old Bobby; the Bobby we saw during Gustav and Ike; the Bobby who can astound with his off-the-cuff command of facts and figures; the Bobby who got my vote. The folks at The Old River Road saw the same thing, and like them I am willing to give Jindal a break if he stays in 'Old Bobby' mode. (And stays here! -ed.) Time, and his effectiveness at getting his priorities through the House and Senate, will tell.

But unlike Charlie and Danny over at The Old River Road, I do not think all of the blame for Jindal's recent stumbles can be laid on his youthful, politically ambitious staff. While I agree that Timmy Teepell and company are Jindal's biggest political and governing liability, Jindal picked them and he has kept them on. He owns some of the blame.

Did anyone else catch this subtle backhand: One of the State Senate "escorts" appointed for the governor today was... Senator Dan Claitor. Ouch.

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James H said...

I have to admit I am a tad amused at all the controversy over Bobby Traveling out of State to give Speeches. He is Naional GOP figure and he is helping the party so it no big deal to me..

I notice this has been getting some play in papers and on blogs and such in the Baton Rouge, Nola, lafayette sort of triangle.

I must say the fact that for about 8 years Gov Foster did not realize there was a State above I-10 seemed to be never a concern. But I guess since he was staying in Baton Rouge taking law classes at Southern it was ok.

It is shocking but in the 8 years Foster was Governor he visited the Shreveport area a total of 4 times once for just about 45 minutes.

Some how this lack of attention by previous Governors and other Statewiede officals of massive parts of the state they governed never seemed to be a big concern down there and among the talking heads .

Now Bobby attends a fundraiser in Iowa and people freak

In my little podunk Parish where we are lucky to see a Governor once a decade we have seen Bobby 4 times. He is up here all the time visiting and listening in North Louisiana. It has been refreshing

So while many people in Baton Rouge might think this is a issue I expect Bobby's travels out of state will have little traction up here.