16 April 2009

Tea Party Follow-up II.

OK, several hundred thousand of us, by the dozens, hundreds, thousands, and even ten thousands - in the middle of the day and in the middle the work week - gathered at hundreds of sites yesterday to tell our elected employees that they are not our masters, our wallet is not their wallet... and we have had quite enough. We did it. The usual suspects never thought we'd get our complacent arses off our sofas and out of our cubicles and show up. But, we did. Yay, us!

OK, now what?



Hadn't really thought about that, had you? OK, some folks have (see here, here and here), but what about you? I know the Tea Parties were generally ignored by the Mainstream Media, or at best ridiculed, but the MSM, the Democrats. and the GOP can count the numbers just as well as I can, and they know that it takes a lot for you to get riled up enough to show up in the numbers you did. They all know the Earth moved yesterday. But should they be worried? Was yesterday just a harmless tremor, releasing pressure along a fault that will now dormant again? Or, was it the precursor to a political Mount Saint Helen's?

That, dear readers, is up to you. Just remember that the world is run run by those who show up - and stay.

Special Note to the gloating GOP party types sending me Tea Party press release emails: Shut. The. Hell. Up. Just because the Productive Class is furious at Obama taking their money (and their children's and their grand children's) to "spread the wealth", does not mean they see the GOP as the answer. Right now, you're not. You - the me-too, not-quite-as-big-government Republicans that gave us the TRAP bailout - have no credibility. If you want some, you damn well better grow a pair and earn it. So far, you haven't. M'Kay?


MacAoidh said...


To answer your question, the first thing which must be done is for the Tea Party veterans to begin purifying the Republican Party and organizing the kind of hostile takeover that Soros and the left-wing moonbats engineered on the Democrat side in 2005.

There is a document which has already been laid down to guide the rebirth of the conservative movement. It's called the Constitution, and it led the way for the building of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. It's been chipped away at for close to 100 years, and now it's time to bring it back.

The Grey Man said...

When Jeff and I went to smoke, we talked briefly about this. He thinks we must reclaim the GOP, but I'm not sure this is possible in less than a generation. Too much water under a bridge, or perhaps too much funding on fake bridges.

My first thought is third party, but can that party be strong enough soon enough to win, and not merely dilute fiscal conservatives so the socialists keep winning?

Anonymous said...

Take the Republican Party back from the ground up. Get in the facee of your local candidates, state candidates, and those headed to the Fed legislature and make them define who they are and what they stand for. Try to find conservative, constitutional candidates to run against deadwood.

And don't be afraid of the word secession. That is the word that will make Washington listen more than any other.

Capt. Deacon Warren