21 April 2009

Putting Some Diversity In "Earth Day."

Here's something for you Lefties who monitor "hate sites" such as this - We celebrated "Earth Day" this past weekend. No, really.

Here's how we did it: We drove 1,000 miles, to northern Alabama and back, in a V-8 SUV doing, um, respectable speeds. We got 21.5 miles per gallon highway, and those gallons were no-ethanol Premium. We ate at Cracker Barrel, Arby's, and Wendy's along the way. Lots of red meat and fried foods.

Oh, and because I have a concealed carry permit, we had a loaded pistol in the car the whole time.

How are you going to celebrate "Earth Day?"


Jill C. said...

A wonderful way to celebrate! You saw quite a bit of the earth along the way, didn't you? Ain't it grand?! ;)

Christopholes said...

Working in a particle physics lab where we use multiple 5kV devices at the same time. To say nothing of the background radiation. Or the enormous lead bricks we use to keep out the aforementioned radiation.

Anonymous said...

Only one pistol?

Capt. Deacon Warren

.....CLIFFORD said...

I was traveling light, Warren. But if it eases your worries, old friend, it was a 45. With a 13-round magazine.