21 July 2010

Gold Rush Of '10.

I guess Nancy Pelosi was right - we had to pass ObamaCare to see what's in it. And the more folks see what's in it, the more nuggets of onerous tax and regulatory burden they see that hits them directly. Now it's precious metals dealers. (Since they sell the stuff on Rush and Beck, not NPR, maybe they thought this would only hurt right-wingers. -ed.)

Actually, this provision affects all business transactions, but will hit small businesses hardest - which is mainly who we deal with for our office goods. This means every time we buy plotter paper, or a new plotter, or... anything over $600, someone has to prepare and send a 1099. Most of our business relations do not have dedicated, in-house, accounting or legal departments to deal with such things (we sure don't). So we will all have to hire someone, and the cost of that will be seen as 1) higher prices, or 2) reduced operations.

I really don't know how all this can be, since the President and the rest of Team Hopenchange assured us ObamaCare would help small business. My bad.

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