15 July 2010

Separation Of Church and State...

...Apparently doesn't matter to Team Hopenchange when it comes to tilting an election in another country where abortion and Islamic separatism are to be enshrined in law. But hey, there's no discrimination - they seem to be giving to fundamentalist Islamic groups and liberal Christian groups alike.

Here is the draft Kenyan Constitution that Team Hopenchange is apparently spending your tax dollars to get enacted. See Part 2, Section 26 "Right to life", Paragraph 4, which says abortion is forbidden - except for all of those times when it isn't. Some Right. And see also Part 1, Section 24 "Limitation of rights and fundamental freedoms", Paragraph 4, which says that basic human rights should not apply to Muslims with respect to "...personal status, marriage, divorce and inheritance". According to a word search, the draft Constitution mentions "Muslim" or Muslims" eight times. "Christian" or "Christians" exactly zero times.

Needless to say, the Anglican Church of Kenya is opposed to ratification in its current form. So is the Roman Catholic Church in Kenya.

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