13 July 2010

I'm Back.

For a bit, anyway. Sorry for the non-existent blogging, but work and family concerns - in other words, life - has been taking priority of late. And, I had my annual vacation this past weekend. Drove to pick up my son at camp in north Alabama (Hi, Zana!), went to M-1 Garand nirvana in Anniston, and then and The Boy (tm) and me headed to (mostly oil-free) Pensacola, Florida, to see the Blue Angels annual air show. It was an adventure. And for me, adventures are vacations.

Anyway, there are things happening out there that require comment, so lot's get started...


Zana said...


Hope your sojourn to the wilds of north Alabama was a pleasant one (despite the heat, and humidity, and mosquitoes, and ... well, you know!) 8-)

.....CLIFFORD said...

Had a ball! Passed through Gadsden on my way to Anniston (got lost, ended up at the Gadsden High School), and I think I passed by your workplace. If you think your heat, humidity and mosquitos are bad, try ours - someone added crude oil to the mix. :-(