31 July 2010

Saturday Required Reading. (UPDATED)

A Second American Revolution? Yes, one is coming. The showdown - between those who believe in constitutional limited government and individual liberty, and those who favor the egalitarian, all-encompassing state - run by a self-electing elite with unlimited power to do "good" (which they alone determine) - is upon us.

I will pray - and will work toward - this as a bloodless revolution, carried out with the ballot. But if the political class refuses to stand aside and constrain themselves to only those Powers given them by The People, I am afraid that violence will ensue as The Left / Mainstream Media begin to lose their power and privilege.

UPDATE: On a related note, Powerline points to this National Review article from May, about modern political class ignoring our Founding Document:
What’s different today is that, although it still matters, the Constitution is no longer at the heart of our political debates. Today’s partisans compete to lead the country into a better, more hopeful future, to get the economy moving again, to solve our social problems, even to fundamentally transform the nation. But to live and govern in accordance with the Constitution is not the first item on anybody’s platform, though few would deny, after a moment’s surprise at the question, that of course keeping faith with the Constitution is on the program somewhere — maybe on page two or three.
UPDATE 01AUG2010: Powerline has more on the growing difference between our rulers and those of us they want to rule.

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