14 July 2010

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Hot Is Cool.

Orwellian "green" logic and one of the greatest human achievements of the modern age:
Saying goodbye to A.C. means saying hello to the world. With more people spending more time outdoors -- particularly in the late afternoon and evening, when temperatures fall more quickly outside than they do inside -- neighborhoods see a boom in spontaneous summertime socializing.

Rather than cowering alone in chilly home-entertainment rooms, neighbors get to know one another. Because there are more people outside, streets in high-crime areas become safer. As a result of all this, a strange thing happens: Deaths from heat decline. Elderly people no longer die alone inside sweltering apartments, too afraid to venture outside for help and too isolated to be noticed. Instead, people look out for one another during heat waves, checking in on their most vulnerable neighbors.
In other words, without air conditioning old people will be found faster once they have succumbed to the effects of heatstroke.

I live in the South. They will take my air conditioning when they pry my cold, dead hands from the thermostat.

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