27 July 2010

Volt Is A Shock.

Government Motors new Chevy Volt, that "green" car that's supposed to lower the levels of the oceans and help the earth begin to heal - or something - will set you back $41,000 just to plug one into your local wind farm.

If you want to look at that in "green" terms the rest of us deal understand, for 41,000 greenbacks you could get:

Mercedes-Benz C350
Acura TL
BMW 335i
Lexus ISC Convertible (or for two grand more than the Volt, Lexus RX Hybrid)

Or, looking at it another way: Assuming $20,000 for a 26 mile-per-gallon Honda Civic and $2.75/gallon for gas, for $41,000 a person could buy a Civic and drive it 198,545 miles.

UPDATE 28JULY2010: A reader over at Instapundit isn't too impressed: "The Volt will be an expensive, predictable failure." I'm afraid I must agree. Government Motors is, for political reasons - not marketing ones - betting the store (and oodles of your tax dollars) on a boutique product that will only interest a niche market. There are just so many Ed Begley's in this world...

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