25 July 2010

Whatever Floats His Boat. (UPDATED)

Multi-millionaire Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who is always carping about the rich paying their "fare share"... doesn't. And to make matters worse, Kerry, up there in boat building New England, shipped the job to build his $7 million yacht overseas.

Back in the 80's when we were living outside of Boston, my wife and I were in line at Legal Seafoods when a tall US Senator walked up to the hostess station with his entourage. And yes, the words "You know how I am...?" were actually uttered; after which me and the Missus had to cool our heels on the waiting list some more while places were found first for John and the gang.

UPDATE: Kerry channels Queen Victoria (or maybe "Ging-gis Kahn" - ed.), and answers his 'Yacht-gate' critics with the imperial: "There's nothing more to say about it." Well that settles that, doesn't it?

UPDATE: I'm sorry, but this just screams for limerick:
There once was a pol on Nantucket,
Who’s Newport yacht cost him a bucket;
As “Ging-gis” Kahn used to say,
No tax do I pay,
As I am entitled to duck it.
(An RSR original)

UPDATE 27JULY2010: Kerry says he will pay the Massachusetts Tax anyway. If you're a patrician Democrat, half a mil is chump change. Probably finds that much under the seats in Theresa's Escalade.

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