20 July 2010

Media Bias? There Is No Media Bias. (UPDATED)

Because open conspiracy and collusion to manipulate the news, and purposely interfering with the people's right to know, is waaaaay more than bias. Remember this next time you hear some smug journalist-type prattle on about how important their avocation is to a free society.

UPDATE: Ironic, isn't it, that those who are so vocal about a supposed Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy are themselves apparently involved in a very real Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy. The end justifies the means, eh, Comrades?

UPDATE: Will the Southern Poverty Law Center declare Journolist a 'hate group'? They seem to fit the definition...

UPDATE: Valiant protecters of a Free Press: Journalist participants allegedly discussed having the government shut down Foxnews. Original Daily Caller story is here.

UPDATE 21JULY2010: Ed Driscoll has much, much more. And Stephen Green, the Vodkapundit, suggests a bit of rebranding.

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