13 August 2010

Compare And Contrast - Episcopal Church (tm) Edition.

This week's approved propaganda church bulletin insert from The Episcopal Church (tm) talks about "interfaith experiences", and embracing the "holy awkwardness" therein. According to TEC this is a good thing - except, of course, when that interfaith experience you embrace is with a bunch The Episcopal Church (tm) rabidly loathes. Then, your arse gets sacked ASAP.

As I have said before, with the new "moderate" bishop here in the Diocese of Louisiana, things are going to change - and this is a good indication what that change will look like. As many of us feared, our new bishop seems to be one who will march us lock-step to the Left, towing the party line of Kate Schori and her legal team.

I am a member of St. Luke's, Baton Rouge, but have found myself withdrawing more and more from parish life there. St. Luke's was, for me, a wonderful place where I could find God, but I can't find Him there today. I still do the Evening Prayers on Friday, and am a Lector and LEM, but they have lost all meaning and substance. Try as I might, they bear no deeper purpose anymore, nor do I find the Peace of God within. I am little more than legitimizing window dressing for a political agenda, an agenda with which I do not agree and which seems to see God and Faith as merely useful tools to achieve their secular purpose. To question that agenda in any way is the only sin recognized by The Episcopal Church (tm) nowadays, and I think that that will soon be the same down here in The Diocese of Louisiana.

On a positive note, All Saints Anglican here in Baton Rouge will be dedicating their new worship space this weekend, 15 August 2010.

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