09 August 2010

Team Hopenchange's Cunning Plan...

...To keep Congress Democrat this fall: Candidates should ignore the issues.
Well, my dear Lefties, we won't let you - or your parrots in the Mainstream Media - do that. You will not be able to ignore:
ObamaCare: The most hated piece of legislation since, what? The the Stamp Act?

The 'Stimulus': The single most expensive waste of money in US history.

Congressional Corruption: From Nancy's most ethical Congress, evah.

Record Deficits: Nancy and Harry have had control of the Federal budget since 2007. Its not Bush's fault anymore.

Bailouts: 'Cash for Clunkers', 'Cash for Windows', cash for AIG, and cash for banks with big lobbying firms. And, how can we forget you letting the President and Big Labor engineer the de-facto nationalization of GM and Chrysler?

Immigration: Your do-nothing border policy which is killing this country because you and your cronies like the cheap gardeners and domestic help.

That, and a host of other local and regional busy-body annoyances, invasions of our privacy, policy f**k-ups, broken promises, pissing on our Rights, and generally wasting our time and our money.
But more than anything, we will not ignore you being the arrogant, thin-shinned, self-centered, prima-dona's that you are, and for treating your employers (that would be us) with such condescension, derision, and scorn.

To quote a famous Japanese admiral, who once lived in America and clearly understood her people a lot better than you in the Ruling Class:
"I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."
And that is exactly what y'all in The Left / Mainstream Media have done. ObamaCare was your December 7th. Savor it now, because November 2nd will be our Midway.


Tregonsee said...

I will disagree slightly with the immigration issue. To put it into bumper sticker logic, Conservatives like the cheap labor, while the Left likes the cheap votes.

Zana said...

AMEN, Clifford!!!!!