24 August 2010

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!...

Round these parts the 'Katherine Jefferts-Schori BS Alarm' goes off so often we mostly ignore it. But when it rings over something so easily proven false that any idiot with a computer can do it (wherein, I qualify), well then, let's get to proving. From Kate's weekly agitprop bulletin insert, this time on immigration:
Uncontrolled migration across the U.S. - Mexico border, for instance, actually has decreased by two-thirds over the last decade, and the total number of undocumented immigrants in the United States has declined about 10 percent. Violent crime in the border states has decreased significantly over the same time period.
While there has been a decline in the illegal alien population in the US recently, I can't find this "two-thirds" decrease in border crossings Kate claims. Not like facts have stopped Kate in the past. As to violent crime in border states, well...

New Mexico.

See any significant decrease? Me, either.

What Kate is peddling has little to do with Faith, and everything to do with partisan politics. Like the rest of The Episcopal Church (tm) leadership, Kate is more interested in your mortal vote than your immortal soul. (The former gets you invited to trendy parties; the latter, not so much. -ed.) Were it not the case, Kate would be advocating just as hard in those "15 other nations represented in the Episcopal Church " against their immigration policies, which are often far more draconian and punitive than those of the US.

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