14 August 2010

The Left's End Game.

From the UK's Guardian: 'Since when was giving people a choice a good idea?' We should give up the freedom to choose for ourselves, argues one Catherine Bennett, because, you see, we really want the state to do it for us. Freedom is, ick... messy. Freedom is hard.

Since when when was choice a good idea, Ms. Bennett? Since, well, someone recognized that we are not slaves, or serfs, or subjects, but that we are endowed by our Creator - not by some king or government, no matter how "enlightened" - with certain inalienable Rights. It's tough to survive in the real world; its rather easier to live in a gilded cage, where food and a cuttlebone are provided, and all one has to do is sing to please the master. But that is not life; that is simply existence. If given the chance, most of the world would risk all for the blessings that messy old freedom has brought. Just ask the Cubans and the North Koreans - who live in the world to which you, Ms. Bennett, aspire.

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