06 August 2010

To The Manor Born.

Did you know that FannieMae - once a quasi-government entity and now a wholly owned subsidiary of Team Hopenchange, whose insolvency in 2008 was a major cause of the current 'Great Recession', and who was rewarded for it with billions of your dollars in bailouts - has their own building? Well, they do. And here it is:


This is what the our Ruling Class thinks is necessary to house a publicly-funded, money-losing, mortgage company with it's hand in your pocket. Remember that when November rolls around.

UPDATE: Now that we own it, how about, oh, selling Mortgage Versailles and moving FannieMae into a more modest, I'm-living-on-handouts-thank-you facility. I know it would be a symbolic pittance compared to the tens of billions we've poured down the FannieMae rathole, but still...

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