20 August 2010

Do As I Say, Not As I Do. (UPDATED)

As a loyal member of Red Sox Nation, seeing Roger Clements in trouble gives one a perverse sense of pleasure. But honestly - lying to Congress? Think about that for a minute: If you, a Citizen, lie to Nancy Pelosi... you go to jail. But if Nancy Pelosi lies to you... nothing. Nada. Bupkis.

Laws, like taxes, are for little people. In red-state flyover country.

UPDATE: Yes, dear readers. We. Were. Lied. To. From the Democrat's own recent election talking points about ObamaCare (last line, last page):
Dont: Say the law will reduce costs and deficit.

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The Grey Man said...

Note - Not to shame RedStick, but I am a Sox agnostic at best. Normally a Sox opponent.

And even at my Sox disliking worst, all I can say is....Don't you bastards in Congress have anything more important to do? Don't we have two wars, Islamic murderers trying to build a victory monument, and an economy you put into the trash? And you go after someone for lying, not on a matter of national security, but who makes his living with a ball and a stick?


November can't get here soon enough.