28 August 2010

A Shot Heard Round The Election. (UPDATED AND BUMPED)

For some reason, Obama apparently wants to piss off as many people as he can before November, and this week's target is anyone who owns a firearm. Since the Supremes won't ignore a that pesky constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Team Hopenchange thinks it has found a nifty way to disarm us gun-'totin, knuckle-dragging rubes, and toss some red tofu to their base in The Left / Mainstream Media at the same time:

They want to ban ammunition on environmental grounds.

The link has contact information for you to comment during this "comment period", and we at RSR strongly encourage you to do just that.

Side question - is there anything the EPA can't regulate on "environmental grounds"?

UPDATE 28AUG2010: Well, an adult at the DNC or the White House, who has actually read that annoying Law thingy and was old enough to remember what happened when Democrats pissed off gun owners in 1994 and 2000, must have given the Team Hopenchange kids at EPA a swift Tom's in the butt - the proposed ban is off. Well, its off for now, anyway. But be aware, dear readers - if these people would propose it once, they are sure to do it again. Remember that as you head to the polls in November.

And the spin by The Left / Mainstream Media that this was just about "hunting ammunition" is - to put it mildly - a big, steamy pile of horseshit. It was about ALL ammunition. Here is the petitioners concluding request (open the .pdf):

Petitioners request that the EPA issue a proposed rule under section 6(a) of TSCA to prohibit the manufacturing, processing, and distribution in commerce in the United States of lead ammunition (including bullets and shotgun pellets) and lead fishing tackle (including sinkers, jig heads, weights, and all other fishing tackle).
See anything in there about "hunting"? Me, either. (And neither did CBS News... -ed.) This is little more than a back-door way for The Ruling Class to get around, and effectively kill, your Second Amendment Rights.

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