03 August 2010

Show Me... Your Middle FInger!

It seems Missouri, the Show Me State, showed tonight at the ballot box they really don't like ObamaCare. And I mean really, really don't like it. 71% - 29% don't like it. Missouri's vote - to enact a state law banning individual mandates in the state - is the first time the people themselves have had a chance to weigh in on ObamaCare by popular vote.

While this is a low turnout vote - about one third of the number that voted in November 2008 - this result is telling for two reasons: Missouri is not a red-red state (McCain won Missouri by only one-tenth of a percent in 2008), so such a lopsided vote should give some measure of the dislike of ObamaCare out there; and two, it shows that the conservatives, libertarians and Tea Partiers are doing what no one thought they could do - energize, organize and turn out voters over issues such as this - while Democrats don't seem too interested in getting out there.

Unless the GOP - once again - snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, it's going to be a very tough fall for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid clique.

As always, my buddy John over at WinWithJMC has more on this race, and the others that took place around the country today.

Hattip on the Missouri race: Christopher Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal.


Christopher Johnson said...

St. Louis and Kansas City were the only entities in this state that voted against and it still got over 40% in favor in both places. What ought to alarm the Democrats here is that St. Louis County, where I live, and Jackson County, suburban Kansas City(both places the Democrats desperately need if they want to have a prayer in the fall) voted overwhelmingly in favor. Over 60% here and over 70% across the state.

They'll spin this as only a primary, low turnout and all the rest of it. But the fact is that, for the most part, the Republicans got their base out while the Democrats stayed home. And I'm not sure I see that changing in the next three months.

Chris Muir said...

Those are the margins we need!