28 August 2010

Yamamoto Was Right. (UPDATED)

I'm not a big Glenn Beck fan, but honestly - how bad is the anger at The Ruling Class and where they are taking this country? This bad.

The Left / Mainstream Media will, of course, dutifully report it as "hundreds" and "thousands", not the half a million plus the image appears to confirm. (If one counts using 'Million Mom March' crowd accounting - 20,000 to 50,000 equals 1,000,000 - the press should report a crowd of 10,000,000 - 25,000,000! -ed.)

Think about this for a minute: How angry are us ignorant, self-interested, paranoid, McDonald's eating, Wal-Mart shopping, won't-get-off-the-couch, middle-class proles out in Jesusland, when that many of us will give up - even for a day - our greedy consumerist, capitalist, exploitative, global-warming way of life of shopping, shooting, going to church, watching violent movies and sports, staying married, and using carbon-producing, oil-guzzling toys and tools? Especially when many travelled - some for days - just for the opportunity to stand in the Washington heat?? Oh, and another 125,000 stopped to watch online? Yeah, we're that pissed off.

UPDATE: Heh. Ed Driscol: You Go to War with the TV Personalities You Have. And in this corner, carrying water for Obama and The Ruling Class, was their appointed TV personality and his counter-protest. Don't think you'll be seeing any pullback crowd shots from the latter to compare to Beck's rally.

From a Glenn Reynolds reader: "In other words, Glenn Beck’s rally drew more people than Keith Olbermann has viewers." Ouch! The truth hurts.

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