05 August 2010

The Two Americas, Or, More Tea Your Grace?

More proof of Clifford's First Law Of Modern Democrat Politics: There are only two kinds of Democrats anymore - those who can afford to be Democrats, and those who can't afford not to be Democrats. The rest of us exist to pay for it all, and to laud them for the privilege. To wit:

John Edwards popularized the term "Two Americas" a few years ago as a way to put Republicans in the sights of disaffected voters. The reality is there are two Americas, but it turns out John, his elite Democrat friends, and those who gain from their largess, are the ones in the well-heeled, entitled, do-as-we-tell-you camp.

Yet another fine example of which America today's Democrats inhabit. It's the modern equivalent of John Rockefeller giving away dimes.

I think this suggestion for mockery is a great one. And make it one of those deep, scraping-my-hat-on-the floor-because-I'm-meeting-Louis-XIV, kind of bows.

Instapundit is chock full of goodies today. Since I'm pretty jammed up with work right now, head on over.

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