18 May 2009

A Budding Buckeye Political Dynasty.

Hey, Girls! Here's a real catch:
It's odd enough that a Bedford (Ohio) father would actually call police after arguing with his son about cleaning his room.

Stranger still, the sloppy son is 28 years old and serves on the Bedford school board.

"I know this looks bad," said school board member Andrew Mizsak, who lives with his parents and works as a political consultant. His mother, Paula, is a Bedford councilwoman.
Looks bad? I'll say, and on more than one level. The conclusion:
According to the report, "Andrew was sent to his room to clean it. He was crying uncontrollably and stated he would comply."
For those who are interested, here is Master Mizsak's school board bio. Very impressive resume. Maybe he was too busy to clean his room.

UPDATE: Master Mizsak's political affiliation is conspicuously absent from the article. But since we're talking about grown man who appears to have no problem with someone else providing his room and board, you're allowed one guess. (Hint: see his bio.)

Hattip: Hot Air.

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