26 May 2009

I Have One, Occasionally.

A life, that is. Which is the reason blogging was spare this weekend. Friday evening was spent here, getting in a few relaxing hours of "high-speed golf".

Saturday was Frank's for breakfast and working to get the boy ready for summer camp, while the daughter went off with friends to go waterboarding. (No, no - the tow-behind-the-boat kind. -ed.)

On Sunday, Bishop Charles Jenkins confirmed my daughter in The Episcopal Church (tm), with, of course, the requisite parish feast afterward (all-you-can-eat steak - we're still a traditional Episcopal parish...). Stuffed from that we did mostly nothing the rest of Sunday, though some aerobic puttering was done by yours truly and the wife in the evening.

Yesterday we woke late, got breakfast in bed courtesy of the daughter and son (a wonderful way to wake up!), and did some more puttering while the son went off with a friend. We grilled steaks in the evening (Yes, again. I told you we're traditionalist Episcopalians), raised our glasses to those who have fallen, and watched Hallowed Grounds on PBS last night courtesy of a heads-up from Greta Perry.

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