13 May 2009

When Chili Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Chili.

A woman defends her home:

When two men broke into her home to rob her, she fought back.

"The woman fought them off," said Capt. David Honeycutt of the Claiborne County Sheriff's Department, of the 58-year-old Bray. "She threw a bowl of homemade chili and got after them with a broom."
Look at the pictures of the morons who tried to pull this off, and you realize she could have beat them with a lot less - some Ben-Gay and a tea cozy would have worked.

I presume Sen. Charles Schumer likely will be on TV tonight calling for an 'assault chili' ban and other "common-sense" chili control. You can hear him now: "Chili like that serves no useful purpose in our society. People don't need it. Only the army and the police should have chili like that."

Best take on the situation:
"Just think what she could have done with duct tape."

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