27 May 2009

Putting the 'D' In Dealership. (UPDATED)

Was the decision - aparrently pushed by Team Hopenchange - about which Chrysler dealerships to close politically motivated? Comparing the closing list with the political affiliations and givings of the owners suggests a rather large connection. A particularly interesting case-in-point is the RLJ-McCarty-Landers series of dealerships, detailed at the site above.

Gateway Pundit is all over this.

But an equally large question looms here: Where is the vaunted Fourth Estate on this? Where are our self-appointed guardians of the public's right to know, who get positively rabid at the merest hint of Republican impropriety? As of now they're not interested.

UPDATE 28MAY09: According to Glenn Reynolds, people are starting to notice that this thing smells. And Gateway Pundit has much, much more this morning (head on over and scroll down), including this interesting correlation starting to take shape between dealership closings and congressional districts The Messiah didn't win in 2008.

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