29 May 2009

Friday Morning Pop Quiz.

A person makes a solemn vow. Before God and all. That person then breaks his vow by having an affair - which he keeps up for several years - and only comes clean after he has been caught. What would you call that person?

If you said "qualified to be an Episcopal priest", you'd be right!

UPDATE: Not everyone is all swoons and praises over this new show of Episcopal inclusion:
At a press conference late Thursday afternoon, Archdiocese of Miami officials expressed disappointment in Cutié and had strong words for the Episcopal Church, especially Bishop Frade.

''This is truly a setback for ecunemical relations and cooperation between us. The Archdiocese have never made a public display when for doctrinal reasons Episcopal priests have joined the Catholic Church and sought ordination,'' said Archbishop John Favalora. He said he had not heard from Frade about the transition and had not spoken to Cutié since May 5, adding that Cutié never told the archbishop he wanted to get married.

''Father Cutié is removing himself from full communion with the Catholic Church and thereby forfeiting his rights as a cleric,'' Favalora said, later adding that Cutié is still ``bound by the promise to live the celibate life which he freely embraced at ordination. Only the Holy Father can release him from the obligation''

Not so, Bishop Frade said Thursday afternoon. ''That promise is not recognized by our church. If you can find it in the Bible that priests should be celibate, that will be corrected,'' Frade said.
What? You expect today's caring, inclusive, intellectual, open-minded, non-judgemental Episcopalian to really give a damn what a bunch of misogynistic, homophobic, mackerel-snapping breeders say? Please. My Roman brothers and sisters should keep in mind a couple of things: First, like recognizing the Resurrection, recognizing promises is not something The Episcopal Church (tm) is too keen on - even promises they themselves make; and second, to your "modern" Episcopalian 'integrity' is an advocacy group - not a noble value.


Tregonsee said...

>>What would you call that person?



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Who's Your Father?

Who's Your Father?