19 May 2009

Feel-Good Gun Legislation Dead. For Now.

An update to the post below:

The attempted "assault weapons" ban by Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-New Orleans) was deferred in Committee today by a vote of 10-2, effectively killing it for this legislative session.

But this bill can, zombie-like, reappear later in the session if Rep. Richmond can get it onto the floor of the full house, or he can attach it as an amendment to another piece of legislation (The latter seems to be a pretty good way nowadays to get something noxious past our leggies.)

So breathe a small sigh, dear readers. The Second Amendment is safe in Louisiana for now, but we must not let our guard down until the leggies pack it in and go home.

A parting question for Rep Richmond, Mayor Nagin, and NOPD Deputy Superintendent Bruce Adams about "assault weapons": If they are only "tools of mayhem" and "killing machines", why do the police have them?

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