11 May 2009

FOLLOWUP II: Why the Second Amendment (Still) Matters.

For my Louisiana readers: If you are not too busy tomorrow and value your Second Amendment rights, head on over to the State Capitol in Baton Rouge. Two bills will be heard by the House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice (Tuesday, 12 May, 9:00am, Room HCR-6) which are of interest.

HB-387 is yet another attempt by New Orleans to ban 'assault weapons' state-wide (like that's going to stop folks in the Crescent City from killing each other...), and the other is HB-27, which would allow folks with Concealed Carry Permits to carry on college campuses.

One bill says the State doesn't trust you as a free citizen. One does. Go support the latter.

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Anonymous said...

For the love of God (and your Guns), call your representatives!

A list of them is given by planB, who was kind enough to post it in my thread, here: