20 May 2009

Life, The Universe, And Everything. Times 1,000.

Well, well. At 3:26pm (Central Time) today, Mr. Sitemeter said RSR had it's 42,000th visit. The lucky visitor came from East Clarindon, Ohio, and visited via the site StandFirm. Number 42,000 seemed to really enjoy the post about Engineers and Cat Yodeling.

In a couple of days this site will be two years old. Believe you me, I never expected to get 42 people to ever visit here, much less 42,000 and counting. I am most humbled, and I most sincerely thank all of you for stopping by. (Yes, you too, Bishop Schori. -ed.)

As long as y'all keep visiting, dear readers, I'll keep serving it up!


Undergroundpewster said...

Aim for 420,000! Hold on to your towel!

See you at the end of the universe.

.....CLIFFORD said...

Will do. I'm a hoopy frood, so I always know where my towel is.

"See you at the end of the universe." Great! I'm ordering the beef.

Christopholes said...

I think I'am up to... oh 200, tops