27 May 2009

Well, There's Your Problem.

Take a look at the picture that accompanies this article about a protest rally at a State Capitol today in Baton Rouge, demanding that Governor Jindal accept $98 million in Obama's stimulus money he has so far refused.

Look at the sign held up by the person in the back. It says:
"98 mill. I want my cut."
Yes, it said, "MY cut."

Sir or ma'am, listen very, very closely:

It. Ain't. Your. Damn. Money.

You didn't work for it; someone else did. Like, me. And my wife. And my friends. And the people I employ. How DARE you think you have any claim to what our efforts have produced. How DARE you think we work for you. How DARE you think you have a right to take from others. I would appeal to your sense of honor, but holding up a sign like that proves you have exactly none.

If you want a "cut," go earn one.

P.S. "About 300 people??" Please.

UPDATE 28MAY09: Channel 2 / The Advocate's report on the protest. Two things jumped out - first was this:
The Concerned Citizens Coalition organized the march at the State Capitol on Wednesday. The organization describes itself as a group of statewide nonprofits and community leaders “who want to give a voice to Louisiana’s hardworking families.”
The voice of the hardworking folks in Louisiana has already spoken. And spreading even more of their hard-earned wealth around is not what they want.

And second:
Anderson said she juggles two jobs to pay the bills and to support her recently laid-off sons.
This money is for extended unemployment benefits, so Ms. Anderson's recently idled prodgeny are already covered; this doesn't affect them. And why is Ms. Anderson working two jobs to support them? Couldn't one of her boys - who seems to have some time on his hands right about now - help out with one of those jobs? Cry me a river.

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