07 May 2009

Ronald Reagan Was... A Punk Rocker? Yep.

We conservatives need to remember:
Conservatism is all about freedom. That’s the sales pitch. Conservatives endorse freedom. We are the modern day rebels. We are the punk rockers of politics. We like to work hard and party harder. The government is “The Man.” “The Man” tries to hold you down. Anybody who wants the “safety net” of cradle to the grave government support should be ridiculed. And rightfully so.
That is our path to victory. It always has been. Why do we keep forgetting it??

Hattip: Instapundit.

UPDATE: Further thought - what with all of the mythic hero-worship of one man in government, "The Man" now has a name. Which will make it rather easy to distill all of the upcoming failures and political chaos into something frustrated voters can digest.

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