18 December 2009

Friday Guest Post.

The Grey Man, he speaks:

I am about to be called a racist. Why? Because I think that Health Care has become Obama and company's Tar Baby.

First, it was "health care reform". Later it became "health insurance reform". I'm not really sure what it is now, because nobody outside Reid's inner circle has actually read it.

Why the changes? Well with each new evolution, it gets more unpopular. So they keep repackaging the product and slapping "New and Improved" on the label. And the product, far from improving, is getting more rancid by the day. It literally stinks.

And with each decline in the polls, they get more and more desperate. Attack talk radio? Oops, that failed. Okay, try attacking Fox News. Oops again.
Go after Insurance companies? Damn, still not working. How about unpatriotic TEA partiers? Crap, we're getting nowhere.

And the bill itself keeps changing. Abortion coverage is in. Nope, it's out. It's in. It's out. Single payer is in. It's out. It's in. It's out.

This thing has more in and out than a Tiger Woods date.

Right now, the Democrats have only two choices, and both terrify them.

If they fail to pass uber-liberal health reform after all this effort, they will look like a bunch of incompetent boobs to their base, and to the rest of us. But what terrifies them, what really and truly terrifies them, is if it passes, and they have to take responsibility for their actions.

Like Brer Rabbit, they aren't smart enough to realize that the more they fight, the more stuck they become. Amazingly, the party that demands an exit strategy for wars and tax cuts didn't think that they might need one themselves.

I know some reading this will blame it all on Fox or Republicans or a bad alignment of the stars. But the simple fact is that the Democrats could have passed anything they wanted to as soon as Franken was seated. Obama could have told his party what he wanted, and demanded it. He could have actually lead from the front. But he didn't. Reid could have lead. But he didn't.

What is really pathetic is that this effort will, at best, produce a hodgepodge law that nobody likes. And to do this, President Obama is throwing away his congressional majority, and ruining the careers of some of his party's most faithful. Mary Landrieu might not be up for election for a few years, but for the first time, she has an overall unfavorable rating in the polls. She will go down in flames come her next election. So will Reid next year.

Harry and Mary, this IS the "Change" you voted for. You've thrown your careers away. And you've done it all for nothing.

The Grey Man

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