05 December 2009

We Have A New Pointy Hat! (UPDATED)

The Very Reverend Morris Thompson has been elected the 11th Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana. He appears to be one of the "moderates", which gives me pause - especially since the lefties seemed to desert their man for him during the balloting. But on the other hand, Thompson was a Marine.

We shall see. And pray.

UPDATE: You Can't Fix Revision... My wife's comment after seeing Rev. Thompson's image: "Lordy, they elected Ron White as Bishop"!

UPDATE 06DEC09: Had several conversations at church today (a large, conservative parish) about our new Bishop-elect, and the responses ranged from not-at-all-happy to wait-and-see. Several parishioners, who followed this more closely than your humble blogger, say Thompson will operate in the mold of our current Presiding Bishop - that is, left-wing secularism posing as theology - but will couch it in "moderate" terminology. They say he seems to be a corporate man, and will follow orders from the top. If that is correct (I pray it isn't), the Diocese of Louisiana is in for a very bumpy ride. If he allows an openly non-celibate gay priest in this Diocese, or requires parishes perform SSB, or uses Diocese funds to support something like the RCRC, the new Bishop will see a commensurate crash in church membership and Sunday attendance. And Diocese income crashing along with it. Our Diocese will not so much tear itself apart as wither away.

Rev. Thompson has a very difficult challenge before him. Pray God gives him the wisdom and grace to make wise decisions and right actions.


Anonymous said...

A sad day for the diocese.

Anonymous said...

If the bishop elect promotes the gay agenda or brings in a practicing gay priest to the diocese, you can say good bye to the Episcopal Church in eastern Louisiana. Most of Baton Rouge will never financially support it and New Orleans simply can not stand alone as a diocese.

Capt. Deacon Warren said...

There are no "ifs" about this Bs elect. He comes from "Stacy Sauls" land. He voted for all the trendy new thangs the Holy Spirit is doing at General Convention. You guys either buckle up for a rough ride or start reading up on ACNA.

Capt Deacon Warren

Anonymous said...

Let's play Find The Theology!

Find the theological basis for his decision on SS relationships in Mr. Thompson's answers and you win the prize!