15 December 2009

Tea Party Like It's 2006? (UPDATED)

Is the GOP trying to co-opt the Tea Party Movement? If what we see in our area is any indication, then the short answer is, yes.

The GOP needs to remember that if they had held to their values in the first place, and not tried to be just another piggy at the DC feed trough looking for their share, there would be no Obama - and there would be no Tea Party movement. The GOP lost our respect. And if they want it back, they will have to earn it - and actions speak louder than words. Or, bus tours, or seminars, or direct mailers, or Facebook posts.

The GOP has a chance here to prove they are once again the party of Reagan - do everything in their power to defeat the Democrat takeover of our health care.

UPDATE 16DEC09: Reid's Rule No. 3 of Senatorial Procedure: If the opposition plays by the rules, change the rules. How, um, Democratic. Yet another reason the Tea Parties are so necessary. They can't vote US into silence.


Just Me said...

I think at this point, "we the people" don't trust either party so I wouldn't be surprised if the Tea Partiers distance themselves from any party endorsement.

Looking at it another way; progressives aren't party loyalists. This allowed them to "get a man in" regardless of what letter was next to the candidates' name. "We the people" need to use that same strategy; flood the election cards with Tea Party candidates with different letters after their names.

Anonymous said...

With so few votes in Washington, the Republicans can do little more than pitch a fit, yell, scream and pull their hair out while the Democrats go about Obama's promise to reshape America in the CCCP image.
I think it is going to be important that the Tea Party endorse candidates based upon thier platform rather than party affiliation and then hold them to their promises once elected.