22 December 2009

I Loves USAA.

OK, I've sung the praises of the insurance/banking/financial services company USAA in the past, but they continue to amaze. Yesterday, a friend commented on Twitter how he almost shredded his annual USAA disbursement check because this year it looked like junk mail. I replied that I had the same problem, and almost tossed it out as well. This morning, utterly unsolicited, I had a 'tweet' from USAA telling me how I can have my disbursement directly deposited.

Does your insurance company watch Twitter for customer comments, much less respond? Mine does. Yet another benefit of having worn the uniform.

UPDATE: A hearty "Merry Christmas!" to all of the folks at USAA who are stopping by. Hope you take some time to poke around a bit - tell your boss that Clifford said it was OK. I got some video links today that make for great lunchtime viewing.


Tregonsee said...

After 40+ years with USAA, they are not perfect, but pretty darn close.

Charlie Sutton said...

I have insured with USAA for about 20 years - thanks to my dad's career in the AF. I am delighted with its excellent service and helpful staff - and better off financially as well.