02 December 2009

A Pointy Hat Is Coming To Town.

I really haven't sworn off blogging about The Episcopal Church (tm), but since General Convention this summer it's seemed pretty pointless. I mean, how do you parody something that's now, officially, a parody of itself?

But there is still news: Here in Louisiana this weekend we will hold a special convention to elect the 11th Bishop of Louisiana. The slate is one orthodox-conservative, one mostly conservative (former RC), three "moderates" (that is, who knows...), and one Schori look-alike - priest as second career, only six years since ordination, superb post-structuralist, whatever-you-want-it-to-mean language skills, yadda, yadda. Interestingly, only one is from a Louisiana parish; which is where, traditionally, our Diocese calls it's Bishops.

After the initial lay meetings last summer on what we wanted in the next bishop, I was pretty pleased at the desire for eschewing earthy-crunchy "relevance" and promoting orthodoxy. But I've seen a partial list of the delegates to the electing convention and, now, I'm not so confident. We shall see.

UPDATE: Current EDoLA newsletter is here. They plan to post ballot updates online as the votes are taken.

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