20 December 2009

Transparency, Nevada-Style.

According to this report, The cloture vote on Harry Reid's scheme to put one-sixth of the US economy - and your health care choices - under the direct control of the Federal Government, is scheduled for 1:00am Eastern, 21 December.

That's less than 15 minutes away from this posting. In the dead of the night.

If it passes this cloture, final passage is a fait accompli. This is not at all what the American people want, or was it what was sold to them in 2008. It is what a bunch of power-drunk, elitist, Leftist ideologues want, and they apparently will stop at nothing to get it. It is their Holy Grail, and they don't give a fucking rat's ass about the wishes of the American people, or what they have to do or promise, or what it will cost, or whether it respects any notion of individual freedom and limited government that this Nation was founded upon.

Our elected representatives have ignored us, and are about to sell us into mandated bondage to the Federal government for the first time in our history - for a few pieces of silver in their purse and empty promises in their hands. If this becomes Law, there will be a reckoning. I pray that the nation will wait until November 2010 and unleash it's anger at the ballot box. But I'm not hopeful.

UPDATE 21DEC09: 0011 hours: Roll call vote is happening.

UPDATE 21DEC09: 0019 hours: 60-40. Landrieu, Nelson, stay bought.


Capt. Deacon Warren said...

When governments no longer work for the people governed, the Declaration of Independence makes a suggestion of what to do about it.

Capt. Deacon Warren

Christopholes said...

I'm not sure, but I think that is the first time you have used a Precision F-strike in this blog. They deserve it. Personally I am surprised Reid and Bryd can stay awake that long.