23 December 2009

Contract With America, 2010.

Over at Chicago Boyz there is a great discussion over a potential 'Contract With America' in 2010, and what should be in it. The comments are quite lengthy, but well worth the read.

I think a new Contract With America is a good way to go. I don't much care who issues it - the GOP or the Tea Party Movement - though I would hope they would work together if one is drafted.

As for me, here are five things I would want to see in a 2010 Contract with America:

1. An IMMEDIATE balanced budget.
Not in ten years, or two years, but NOW. We've dithered over this for far too long. Budget Social Security, Medicare and Defence first, and everything else is negotiable. We don't need to fund things like PBS and NPR anymore when folks have access to Discovery, History Channel, Nickelodean and Disney, and XM/Sirrus on the radio. If "thoughtful" people want them, let them pay for them. If we need to fund the war, issue War Bonds. Other than that, be willing to shut down the government if necessary before another dime is borrowed.

2. No New Taxes.
None. Zip. The American people are taxed enough already. Short term, push for a 15% across the board Income Tax rate for all. Long term, introduce an Amendment to repeal the 16th Amendment and return to the States the funding the Federal Government, with each State paying a uniform tax per person as set buy Congress. (That'll give a pause to all those States who want to count illegal aliens in the next census...)

3. Fight The War On Terror To Win.
No more fiddling while Kabul burns. Our enemies want our country, our values, and way of life destroyed; we must fight like it.

4. Invade Canada And Annex Saskatchewan.
Not really. I just wanted to scare the hell out of any Canadian readers. That, and I like saying the word, "Saskatchewan."

5. Sunset All Laws.
All laws proposed, and all regulations, shall expire after a set time and must be renewed by the Congress. Maximum of four years for all Fiscal, Tax and Entitlement laws and regulations; six years for all others. If Congress has to work through all that every couple of years, they won't issue so many laws or allow so many bureaucratic regulations.

I know you, dear readers, will have more suggestions. Put 'em in the comments.

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Capt. Deacon Warren said...

Some ideas:
1. Suspend the Supreme Court. Exec order. Reconstitute a Constitutional set of judges to return to Founding concepts
2. Proposed Constitutional ammendment to severly limit the 14th ammendment to radically strengthen state's rights.
3. Cut all tie to UN including funding.
4. Suspend all NIH and similar funding on anti gun studies
5. Begin closing foreign US military bases and start bringing all personel home.
6. Begin examining all treaties and abrogating those that do not fulfill the interests of the United States
7. Seal by all means required, the southern and northern borders.
8. Impeach President Obama

Just a few off the top of my head

Capt Deacon Warren