23 March 2010

Compare And Contrast.

What a difference 235 years makes:

On 23 March 1775, Patrick Henry said, "Give Me Liberty, or give me death!"

On 23 March 2010, Barack Obama said, in effect, fuck liberty; here's a new government handout.

UPDATE: A friend who visited Cuba back in the Clinton years remembered a big sign in Havana what said "¡Socialismo o Muerte!" ("Socialism or Death!") Underneath it someone had scrawled in Spanish, "What's the difference?"

UPDATE: Rewritten because it better reflected by sentiments.

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Anonymous said...

When Obama was running for his party's nomination and later, as I read between the lines of what he was saying, I realized the guy is a socialist, not a Democrat. Now that he is in office, more and more people are waking up to that fact. I just hope enough do to defeat his part at the polls in November and then again in 2012 by the margins necessary to overturn his agenda. There is still time but it is running out. Just look at what has happened to Venezuala to see our future if Obama is not stopped.