25 March 2010

Fourth Estate Sale.

Can you say "government-owned media"? I knew you could:
The Local Journalism Centers, as they are being called, will each hire teams of reporters and editors, as well as community outreach managers, to report on an issue of regional relevance, including the reinvention of the industrial upper Midwest economy, efforts in upstate New York to attract innovative businesses, and agribusiness in the Plains.
The money and direction will be from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a government agency. Think about that for a minute. Do you really think teams of government paid journalists will report on something that makes government look bad? Me, either.

An in a related note, Hugo Chavez has arrested the owner of the last independent television network in Venezuela, for saying something Chavez found "offensive". Sounds like the action of a dictator to me, Spicoli. Dictator. Dictator. Dictator.

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