28 March 2010

Your Homework Assignment.

And, yes, there will be a grade. Bill Whittle over at Pajamas Media wants each of us to write out the Declaration of Independence. By hand. Word for word:
And I would urge you now – I would urge each of you listening to this today, especially those of you with children – to help me recover this document. We can’t get that ink back on that paper. But we can do something better. We can put new ink to fresh paper, and copy down once again those words exactly as they were written. We can whisper them aloud as we write them – as I did – and through writing them anew on the page we will inevitably write them anew on our hearts, as fresh and as clear to our eyes and our souls as they were the day that ink dried in that hall in Philadelphia.

A piece of parchment is a piece of old skin. A flag is a piece of colored cloth. A man groans in agony, dying in a dirty room. None of that matters. Not here. Not in America.

For above and beyond faded ink, and strips of colored cloth, and whimpers of pain are ideals that come once in all of history. Once. Never again.
I think it is time we all remember in detail what makes us Americans, and what it is that separates us from the paternalistic statism of Europe, Canada and Japan, the authoritarian dictatorships of China and Russia, and the murderous kleptocracies that are the rule in the rest of the world.

Chris Muir shows the "teachable moment" in this.

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