18 March 2010

Growing The Faith, Episcopal Church (tm) Style.

The Episcopal Church (tm) has spent quite a lot of time and (tithed) money suing dissident parishes and dioceses who can no longer support the national church's strident and myopic obsession with homosexuality. So the next time you hear The Episcopal Church (tm) justify their actions with some blather about fighting to keep a parish's property because of some deep theological obligation to defend the church and keep the properties for future generations, remember this:
"Just learned that the Diocese of CNY sold our former building to Muslims. Heard rumors before but today I passed by and saw that the doors were painted green. There was a crane there removing the cross from the bell-tower and hanging over the back door to the parking lot was the following sign "Islamic Awareness Center"
Think about that for a minute - The Episcopal Church (tm) put an active Christian parish out of their traditional home because that parish believes homosexual practice is a sin... and instead sold it to a faith that believes homosexual practice deserves death.

How's that for Integrity?

Christopher Johnson ain't happy about it, either.


Undergroundpewster said...

So true.

.....CLIFFORD said...

I so wish it were not. I have always thought the opposition was wrong, but not a bunch of shallow, petty, childish, mean-spirited ideologues. From this incident I see I was mistaken. They are all that. And more.

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