15 March 2010

"Dysfunctional Louisiana Politicians."

Karl Rove clearly repeats himself.

I agree that most of the post-Katrina blame belongs at the incompetent feet of Blanco, Nagin, Broussard, et., al., but W and this Administration are not without fault. Submitted for your consideration: "Brownie" and FEMA - the latter of which we still suffer through down here.


MacAoidh said...

I will say one small thing in Rove's defense - Gen. Honore, who was as good as Brownie was bad.

But the Bush administration really dropped the ball by not supporting the Baker plan to rehabilitate the housing market in New Orleans. They rejected it because they said it was too expensive, and instead they gave us the Road Home program. That to me was a worse error than Brownie was.

But I'll take Bush's Katrina response, dumb as it may have been, to the complete lack of leadership shown by Blanco and Nagin. And for all my issues with our current governor I'll take him over Maw-Maw in a crisis eight days a week.

.....CLIFFORD said...

No doubt Bush and Co., did a far better job than Blanco, Nagin, Broussard, and the rest. Jindal and our Congressional delegation (yes, even Mary...) did well during that time, all things considered.

And whatever I may think of her on health care, Landrieu, as well as Vitter, have been instrumental in getting FEMA off its bureaucratic arse, and doing more than going to meetings, making indecisions, and spinning red tape.