25 March 2010

A Bishop Too Far?

Is Mary Glasspool The Episcopal Church's (tm) Arnhem Bridge? Maybe. This was published in the Church of England Newspaper. Not some obscure conservative blog or theological institute publication, but the C of E mouthpiece. I think C of E has had enough. Notice the directness and finality. The Episcopal Church's (tm) 'Operation Market Gay' may have finally pushed past the edge of the envelope this time.


mousestalker said...

I think you under estimate Rowan Williams. He is like Evil Kneivel. Each hurdle kept getting higher and further apart, but Evil would just re-tune his motorcycle and leap them. Sometimes he had to use rockets, but he succeeded nonetheless.

Similarly with the Archbishop of Canterbury. This is a huge obstacle. The Africans are largely quiet, they appear to be done with it, him and the whole worldwide communion thing. His own church is now murmuring.

But at the end of the day, Rowan Williams will successfully do what he does best, break out a really big dictionary (probably the full Oxford English this time), use many many big words and will triumphantly cave into the North Americans yet again.

You have to admit, it's his talent.

.....CLIFFORD said...

Matthew: I fear you might be right, but something seems different here. Call it my 'Schori-sense'. The Glasspool election shows even the moderate lefties in the rest of the AC that Schori & friends purposely mis-led their Anglican colleagues, buying time, and never had any intention of doing anything other than what wanted to do. Agree or not, it was a slap in the face that makes them all look like dupes. Even the English stiff upper lip will go Billy Idol after a fashion.

The Episcopal Church (tm) has some scrach, but not enough to fight their expensive litigation war here at home and keep buying off enough of the rest of the AC to get their way. They can't fight a two-front war.

This is not the beginning of the end of the Current Unpleasantness, but perhaps the end of the beginning.